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Strang Residence
Bend, Oregon

The primary objectives of the design were to first use the sloping land as efficiently and effectively as possible; and second, to maintain mountain views from the living spaces regardless of what structure would eventually be built on the adjacent property. The solution appears as a simple L shape in plan, but the resolution of multiple building elements at the center of the L create a dynamic and connected series of façade elements which merge above the entry area.

Rotating the floor plan on the site directs the building toward the view and further pushes the living area south to access the view corridor created by the adjacent lot’s setback. This rotation pushes the 36″ elevated living leg back into the higher contours of the site, minimizing the difference between finish floor and existing grade, while also placing the vertical circulation corridor of the building at the lowest elevation of the site, allowing access to a daylight basement play-room for the kids.

Project Credits

Design Team
Eric Meglasson, Peter Jahnke, Ani Cahill
High Timber Construction, Matt Jura, Jeff Schlapfer
River Roofing, Legum Design, Heartsprings Design, Elemental Engineering, FURNISH
Bend, Oregon
Chandler Photography, Peter Jahnke