Yes, once in a great while, when the stars align, we will accept a commission for a more traditionally styled home, especially when the finish quality and attention to detail reach this level.  And, especially when the site features wild elk fording misty rivers in the back yard with eagles circling above. (yes, that’s a real photo, taken from the back patio)  We had the pleasure of designing this rustic, elegant home on the banks of the Deschutes River in southern Central Oregon.  The structure features exposed steel wide flange beams, heavy timber trusses, drystack ledgestone and hewn oak flooring.  The same materials are expressed on the exterior of the home along with rusted steel accent panels and roofing.   A soaking tub in the primary suite allows wildlife viewing through the accordion door which opens to the meadow beyond.

Project Credits

Design Team
Eric Meglasson, Peter Jahnke, Ani Cahill
High Timber Construction
River Roofing, ANG Engineering Group, Bladt’s Custom Woodwork
Cheryl McIntosh