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Weinhard Residence
Bend, Oregon

Lot 108 has a prominent location in the Tetherow golf development featuring spectacular views of and from the golf course as well as desirable views of the distant landscape and Cascade Mountains. These features combined with our client’s request for living spaces with varied degrees of privacy, formal and informal concerns, and clear distinctions between workplace and play space armed the project with a long list of goals the building needed to achieve. Through in-depth site and program analysis, we were able to manage and prioritize these factors and create a building design that is intensely specific to its site and its occupants as well as sensitive and responsive to the high desert environment.

The undulations and dramatic elevation changes of the topography surrounding the home inspired a structure that similarly creates and defines spaces at multiple levels with unexpected excavations, crescendos, and vegetated areas flowing through and around.

Clean lines and light filled spaces surround a courtyard with a water feature that flows through and under portions of the home. Six distinct levels within the structure help define formal and informal areas, public and private spaces, as well as places for work and places for play.

Evacuated tube solar water heaters, a roof mounted PV array, and a super-insulated structure with 10 inch thick walls help the home endure the harsh high desert climate efficiently, while telescoping pocketed patio doors allow the home to open up to the outdoors when the seasons allow.



Project Credits

Design Team
Eric Meglasson, Peter Jahnke
Timberline Construction
Pedini Seattle, River Roofing, Sunlight Solar, Bobcat and Sun Radiant, Elemental Engineering
Bend, Oregon
Ty Milford, Peter Jahnke, Ross Chandler, Blake Wollen