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Central Oregon High Desert

This home sits on a bluff overlooking rolling sagebrush meadows in Oregon’s High Desert with views of the Cascade Mountains dominating the western horizon. The owners requested an extremely durable and energy efficient home for their family. The request for a net zero house necessitated the inclusion of a 12 kW PV array, ground source heat-pumps, careful consideration of day lighting and shading strategies, and a super-insulated structure.

Italian architect and childhood friend Maria Chiara Trevisan created the original vision for the structure as a gift to the clients. The three masses, originally conceived as parallelepipedos (rectangular cubes) resting at various angles in the earth, evolved into three shelled structures clad in slate, a loose reference to the Three Sisters mountains which dominate the home’s view.


Project Credits

Design Team
Eric Meglasson, Peter Jahnke, Ani Cahill
Timberline Construction
River Roofing, Pedini Seattle, Cement Elegance, Sunlight Solar, Elemental Engineering
Central Oregon High Desert
Alan Brandt, Bob Woodward, Peter Jahnke, Nicole Werner