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Bend, Oregon

A collaborative project with John Brockway of Lightfoot Architecture & Design.

A 180 foot long gabion retaining wall constructed of native black lava rock and galvanized wire mesh retains the hillside and defines courtyard and patio spaces along the south side of this magnificent home located on the extreme western edge of Bend, Oregon. Board-formed concrete screen walls further help define the covered and un-coverd outdoor living areas. Passive solar access and views up the manzanita covered hillside to the south are exploited from most rooms in the home. A 4.2kW PV array and super-insulated walls further help the home take advantage of the lot’s solar access and Bend’s copious amounts of sunshine.

To the west, the home looks directly into the woods of the Deschutes National Forest. With hundreds of miles of trails literally beginning from their back yard, the clients home is perched as close to the edge of Central Oregon’s recreation paradise as possible.

Elevated roof planes allow controlled light into the home through clerestory windows and define living areas within the structure. The outdoor spaces and patios around the home were designed to allow the owners to enjoy nature throughout all seasons. A discreet falling water feature in the courtyard and a 700 square foot Pilates studio which opens onto the patio space help create an amazing place for the homeowners to entertain, exercise, meditate, or simply relax in their private, light filled outdoor retreat.

Project Credits

Design Team
Eric Meglasson, John Brockway, Ani Cahill
CS Construction
Legum Design, Ani Cahill Design, Lightfoot A+D
Bend, Oregon
John Brockway